Lily Gladstone made history in the 2024 award show season, and equally caused a stir concerning an old boyfriend.

The 37-year-old actress starred as war veteran Ernest’s wife, Mollie, in Killers of the Flower Moon. She went on to become the first Indigenous person to be nominated for Best Actress at the Academy Awards, as well as the first Indigenous person to win a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Motion Picture.

Though she didn’t walk off with the Oscar, the moment in the spotlight catapulted her career, with all eyes on her next project, Hulu’s new miniseries, Under The Bridge.

But let’s get back to that old boyfriend of hers. Is Lily partnered up now?!

Does Lily Gladstone have a Boyfriend?

Lily Gladstone with a trophy
Lily Gladstone poses in the press room after winning th Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role in a Motion Picture for “Killers of the Flower Moon” during the 2024 Screen Actors Guild awards. ((Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

From what we can tell, the answer is most likely no. We say most likely, because Gladstone has not responded to this question in either direction.

She has remained very coy about her personal life since making it big and we haven’t seen her out with anyone and we haven’t heard any chatter that she has a partner.

But staying so private doesn’t mean there isn’t a partner behind the scenes; it just means the mystery will remain just that – a mystery!

But there was one man who showed her a lot of love during the whirlwind time in her life: Leonardo DiCaprio!

“Lily, you are the heart and soul of this film, a formidable force and an incredible talent. Congratulations, friend,” is the message Leo wrote to his Killers of the Flower Moon costar after she won the Golden Globe.

The beloved actor also gave Gladstone props in the wake of her historic Oscar nomination, stating on social media:

“Congratulations to my dear friend @LilyGladstone for making Oscars history, as the first Native American woman to be nominated for Best Actress in Killers of the Flower Moon, and the fourth Indigenous actress to ever earn a nomination in the category.”

“I still have them. If I end up going this year, I’ll dig them out, and I’ll keep them in my purse at least,” she told People.

Lily Gladstone looks gorgeous in this photo! (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Lily Gladstone’s Pronouns Tied To Her Culture

In 2023, Gladstone did acknowledge that she goes by both she and they pronouns, telling People Magazine:

“In most Native languages, most Indigenous languages, Blackfeet included, there are no gendered pronouns. There is no he/she, there’s only they.”

“Our gender is implied in our name. But even that’s not binary. There were lots of women historically and still now who are given men’s names. They fulfill more of a man’s role in society as far as being provider, warrior, those sort of things.

“So, yeah, my pronoun use is partly a way of decolonizing gender for myself.”

Lily Gladstone at Spirit Awards
Lily Gladstone, honorary chair of the 2024 Film Independent Spirit Awards, speaks onstage during the 2024 Film Independent Spirit Awards on February 25, 2024 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Her High School Sweetheart’s Present Before The Oscars

While Gladstone hasn’t been keen to reveal her current romantic status, she did tell an adorable story ahead of the Oscars about a former love.

She shared that she had a high school sweetheart who, when they were children, knew that she would be a big deal. In fact, the story she tells is that the boyfriend gave her sunglasses with stars on them and told her to wear them someday at the Oscars.

And you know what? She did!

Lily Gladstone shows off her sentimental accessory with Scorsese during the 96th Annual Academy Awards on March 10, 2024 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

In this photo here, you can see Lily chatting with her director, Martin Scorsese, after losing out the Oscar to Emma Stone. On the top of her head, you can see the pair of golden, star-shaped sunglasses that came from her childhood beau.

Hopefully she hangs on to them, because there seems like no doubt she’ll need them again!


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